Trans Crescent

Established in 1990, Trans Crescent was founded as a pioneer in the supply of Valves to the Petroleum industry.
Its head quarters located in Dubai, the company has positioned itself over the years to exploit the growth of the Oil and Gas industry in the Middle East.

Trans Crescent forged its reputation with their range of 'ProTech' Valve systems that the company manufactures in India. We specialize in manufacturing Critical valves for Hazardous services, designed to customer specific needs. The success of the brand and its product range brought new visions to the management of Trans Crescent.

New visions that embarked in the branching out into water related products such as ‘ProTech Water’ treatment,instrumentation fittings, manifolds, pressure &temperature measuring equipment, hoses etc. Our job is not finished with acquiring or supplying an order to meet the client's requirements.

We are about providing a complete product and service solution to our final customer.

Quality and repute are a very serious affair at Trans Crescent we only offer our clients the best brands and products. More than Two Decades of service in this industry have seen us evolve into a well-renowned company reputed for high quality products and immaculate service.

Welcome to a new dimension in Valve technology, Water treatment and Instrumentation solutions.